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Water, Water, Water with out it Fertilizer will not work!

When Phoenix Tree Service Hayward come out  toassess your tree(s), the 1st THING we check is the amount of water for the species of tree.  There are certain things the bark, the leaves, and the roots tell us about what is going on with the tree. We then can mix up a special blend of are organic fertilizer to feed the tree... 

Number one rule: NOT all trees take the same  fertilizer.   Older trees do not need the amount of nitergen  like a younger one would.

How often do you eat?  3 to 5 times a day.  How often do you drink water? 4 to 8oz of water a day. Trees are simular to people. A tree needs to be fertilized 2-4 times each year and have the require amount of water each day to live a healthy life in the hot desert of Arizona. Yes, the Arizona soil has no nutrition value in for plants. We pick up all their food for the landscapers blow it away on a weekly schedule.

Phoenix Tree Service organic tree fertilizing improves the health and appearance of your trees bushes and grass. It's important to know how to fertilize your trees and which trees will benefit with fertilizer. 

Our experts are here to help you take care of all your tree needs!

Using unique blends of products developed by Arizona Fertilizing Company. Phoenix Tree Service Hayward is committed to addressing the specific nutrient deficiencies and soil condition that Arizona trees encounter.

Whether you have a sick Queen Palm or  a price tree that hasn't looked it's best lately we have a organic product to fit  your needs.

We can explain more when we do an assessment of you trees... Call us today for a free Estimate.

Where are located at but service the valley. Give us a chance to earn you business!

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